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Windows 10+

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows


Debian packages

Fedora RPM packages

The packages tortoisehg and tortoisehg-nautilus are now available as a standard Fedora package in the the updates repository.

The rpms for all archs and source rpms can be downloaded on

From source

Source Packages

If no package yet exists for your platform, then use the source installing method described on the thg page. We do not recommend installing from a tarball, even though we make one available for download. We prefer the use of a local clone of TortoiseHg instead. If you do use a tarball, you will need to manually edit the installed thgutil/

To use the settings tool on Linux, you must have installed.

Mac OS X

OS X DMG packages are available, thanks to Matt Harbison and Andre Rudlaff.

See the MacOSX wiki page for details on source installs.


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